Moira Gill

Laura Drammer was my Realtor for six years. Six years. She deserves a medal. She was incredibly patient and I finally found the perfect home.
From the start Laura was a total pleasure to work with. Rarely do you find someone who is a true combination of professional and kind. Laura clearly knows her business, her knowledge of Real Estate in the area is comprehensive and impressive. She is reliable, smart, easy-going, punctual and proficient. Not once in all that time did Laura miss an appointment, not once was she late. I totally trusted Laura to do what she said she was going to do, she was the epitome of organized. I recommend Laura to anyone who mentions they might be looking for Real Estate in our area, I can’t speak highly enough of her. I had a wonderful experience working with her for what turned out to be a daunting task – but it all worked out in the end – I got what I wanted and more, for less money! Her patience with me was nothing short of remarkable and is a tribute to the fine person, and Realtor, she is.
-Moira Gill

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